Our rubber bladders aim to provide good rebound & better air-retention capability for sports balls.
Natural rubber (or latex) is noted for its flexibility which greatly improves rebound capability for sports balls. However, its poor air-retention property is a well-known disadvantage.
SR Bladders – Formulated Rubber
HA Bladders – Formulated High Rebound Rubber
Our SR bladders have been developed to become an alternative for latex bladders. They have the advantage of better air-retention ability & better spherical shape than latex bladders. Winding thread or pasting cloth onto our SR bladders is no problem. The above factors make our SR bladder very suitable for making machine-stitched balls. The heavier the bladders are required to be (e.g. over 150 grams), the more economical our SR bladders become. Our SR bladders are very suitable for the retail & recreational markets.
Our HA bladders aim to provide a superior rebound capability for sports balls. Its rebound ability is competitive with that of latex bladders. Just like our SR bladders, the excellent spherical shape of our HA bladder has more potential than a latex bladders does. Our HA bladders are very suitable for professional balls.