Taiwan Butyl Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 in Taiwan. Over the past 2 decades, we have been supplying high quality sports ball bladders to many reputable businesses all around the world. Taiwan Butyl specializes in the production of various types of bladders suitable for hand-sewn, machine-sewn, hand-laminated and machine-laminated sports balls; including footballs (soccer balls), volleyballs, handballs, basketballs, rugby balls, futsal balls and mini balls.

Every year, around 11 million pieces of our butyl bladders are distributed worldwide. Our combined monthly production capacity is about 900,000 pieces (in 2009). In addition to ball bladders, we are also well-known for our high quality ball bladder valves. We sell approximately 15 million valves per year which are fitted in latex bladders to provide the best air retention possible.

In Taiwan Butyl, we do believe that a successful long-term business relationship is built upon providing top quality products, reasonable pricing, and solid communication. It is our responsibility to make certain that our customers are supplied with only the highest quality goods. It is ultimately our goal to satisfy our customers with quality bladders and help them obtain a trusted reputation in the sports balls market.